Mount St. Mary Academy

Must be Mount Girls…8,000 strong…and growing!


Mount St. Mary Academy has been blessed to have generations of Alumnae who have served the school well after their times as students creating a lasting impact on “the best school we know of.”

Chelle McKenzie McCarroll ‘02

Director of Alumnae Relations

501-664-8006 ext. 118


Alumnae Board Listing:

2016-2017 Central Arkansas Chapter Board

Mary Walter ‘04, President
Ann Fink Aday ‘02
Jessica Farley ‘06
Pat Daly Francis ‘88
Joanna Fureigh ‘12
Robin Rainey Gann ‘95
Debbie Dillon Gentry ‘76
Katherine Gentry ‘09
LeaAnne Gillenwater Hall ‘89
Mary Hargraves ‘11
Jackie Wagner Kaufman ‘84
Toni Koscielny Pruss ‘92
Lauren Engleby Ritchie ‘05